How to connect with customers in 5 seconds!

How to connect with customers in the first 5 seconds of your message! *Your target audience will give you 5-7 seconds at the most to captivate their attention. *Every word is marketing real estate! *Brand Differentiation is key! *Your headline MUST evoke an emotional response in the mind of your customer. Make them “feel” something. […]


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It’s the messaging. Consider this, even the lowest rated radio station in any market in the top 100 has enough cume for an effective messaging campaign to generate results. We only need to determine the best demographic, geographic and psychographic fit for the business, then negotiate the rate, IF we have the right messaging. You’ve […]

Effective commercial checklist

Here’s my “effective commercial checklist”…. – did it get my attention quickly? -does it appeal to any emotion? -is it written like consumers speak to each other? -does it persuade? -is it focused on 1 primary message? -does it seem memorable? -does it have “organic” sharing potential? (remarkable) -if it promotes a specific event, is […]

Effective messaging must be persuasive!

It’s amazing to me to hear so many commercials on the air these days that have absolutely no effort to persuade consumers to act. They spend so much time listing facts about the business like services, address, phone number, sales offers….there’s no time to actually “persuade” the consumer to act. First of all, the only […]