No more “cold calls”

The common interpretation of “cold call” has meant when a seller walks into a business or attempts to reach them on the phone hoping to secure a meeting with the decision maker. There’s no excuse for interrupting a busy business owner, manager…without a tangible value for that business! All it takes is a little time to research prospective advertiser’s websites and social media postings to formulate the foundation for a spec commercial, digital ad, social media ad or post…. Preparing a sample “spec” demonstrates a value proposition and valid business reason to make contact with decision makers. Though “specs” should be presented as samples of your work, in my history with this approach, I’ve never not at least been offered the decision maker’s attention either immediately or in the very near future. You’ve demonstrated that that customer’s business is important enough to you that you took the time to research their business and put together the spec project.
So let’s eliminate the standard “cold call” from our sales strategy, and make specs a mandatory part of our initial presentations. Align with talented creative experts to produce a quality spec and you’ve armed yourself with an appointment with the decision maker. Not a very tough decision is it?