LAZY GRAMMER ruins radio’s primary benefit!

Lazy grammer and lazy work ethic ruin radio’s primary benefit…IMMEDIACY! It’s a cardinal rule that A.M and P.M. don’t belong in radio commercials, or any audio presentation. The key to successful radio copy is to write the way consumers speak. Do you know anyone who ever uses “a.m. or p.m.” in conversation? Consumers say things like “tomorrow night at 7” or “Saturday morning at 10”. Radio copy should do the same.
The 2nd cardinal rule of radio copy is to update the copy to the nearest day or daypart. No radio commercial should reference “Wednesday night at 7” on that day or the day before. Immediacy copy reference’s “tomorrow night at 7” and “tonight at 7″….again, write like people converse. Yes, it requires just a few extra minutes to edit in the updated appointment, but that’s what seperates radio from the other media. Print and tv won’t produce immediacy-based updates due to what they refer to as “cost prohibitive”.
Radio owns immediacy….protect your greatest asset!