Programmatic buying puts more emphasis on creative messaging

The shiny new object in the radio industry for advertising agencies is “programmatic buying” where agencies use targeted lifestyle analytics and algorythms to instantly place schedules on radio stations at efficient rates for available inventory. This strategy eliminates in most cases, the agency rep working up schedules and rate negotiation. This also means there will be more emphasis on strong creative messaging to drive results. Advertisers will be sold on “extremely targeted” demos, dayparts and psychographics delivered by their on-air and digital platforms. Advertisers in turn will expect more accountability from their agency through measurable metrics and bottomline results. This will give agencies a choice…roll the dice on generic copy and keep their fingers crossed or spending the time and resources to deliver killer messaging that will penetrate, activate and persuade consumers to act. Many agency executives will consider programmatic buying as a short cut and expense reducer, the others will see an opportunity to separate themselves through preferred creative provider perception with advertisers. In this case, perception will prove to be reality!