Effective messaging must be persuasive!

It’s amazing to me to hear so many commercials on the air these days that have absolutely no effort to persuade consumers to act. They spend so much time listing facts about the business like services, address, phone number, sales offers….there’s no time to actually “persuade” the consumer to act. First of all, the only contact info you need in a commercial is the website. It’s what consumers both remember, and is the first place they go for store location, phone number, specifics on sale items and financing…. Use your commercial time to emotionally persuade the consumer to logon to your website when they get home or work or…wherever they’re going.
Simply listing facts about the business doesn’t drive return on investment, sales do! Persuading means making them “feel” something. Feelings drive decisions, especially purchasing decisions. Consumers want to feel good about their purchases. You have to make them feel before they’ll act. Think about recent purchases you’ve made. What made you “feel” like you needed that item? Consumer purchases aren’t made randomly. If we can convince the consumer on an emotional level that making a purchase is good for them somehow, bingo!
Think about the elevator pitch you’d give a consumer to purchase your product or service, and include it in your next marketing campaign. Don’t waste valuable commercial time with phone numbers, consumers will never remember it anyway unless you’ve produced a catchy jingle around it, and jingles take up time as well. Think like a consumer when preparing your marketing message and you’ll be far ahead of most campaigns out there these days. Have I persuaded you?