In today’s marketing world, you need a clear strategy to effectively deliver your primary marketing message. You need a “hub” in your overall strategy. That hub is your digital/social/online presence. That begins with your website. It’s where your messaging will spread the fastest. It’s where you’re able to measure results with metrics and analytics. It’s where you can get an initial read on your R.O.I. It’s where all your traditional mass marketing will ultimately direct consumers to purchase your product and/or service. You also need to keep consistent, fresh content on your web/digital platform. The key here is to keep the consumer engaged as frequently as possible. Even invite consumer content when possible. If you want consumer engagement, keep your marketing message focused on them. Your website performance and functionality are critical to getting ranking on the web search engines like Google. Things like page speed and “ease of use” have a dramatic effect on visitor experience, which has a dramatic effect on your google ranking. Killer Messaging partners with to make sure our partner’s websites are performing at maximum levels. Ideapro is the absolute BEST in the business and at incredibly efficient rates! The best “looking” website in the world won’t get ranked high on google if it’s functionality isn’t on point. None of the compelling messaging, graphics, video, audio… matters if the functionality isn’t on point.

Speaking of audio/video, Killer Messaging will produce professional audio and video, including interviews for your website. These create a more tangible relationship with consumers, and a unique opportunity to tell the story of your business. Website visitors always give features like this high grades and improve the user experience and engagement. Web content is also an area of expertise for us. We’ll keep your web content fresh AND relevant with extremely affordable maintenance packages to choose from. You can essentially leave your website to Killer Messaging and watch your business grow! There’s a process to successful marketing and it begins with your website. Killer Messaging will make your website pop, perform and engage visitors to insure you get the google ranking you deserve!

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Your messaging/imaging should always enhance your brand personality!

One thing I see Marketing Consultants in Phoenix and around the world miss is the idea that all messaging/imaging should enhance the brand’s core personality. Far too often marketers use valuable ad space to promote details like “family owned and operated”, “in business for over 40 years…”, or slogans like “today’s best variety” and “music everyone can agree on”, and spelling out store hours and telephone numbers. These are prime examples of wasting ad space with details most consumers either don’t care about or can get from your website. Understanding common consumer behavioral traits is critical when finalizing your brand messaging. None of the examples above have any emotional appeal what so ever, thus making them irrelevant and a waste. One very effective exercise I have clients do a regular basis is write down the exact verbiage in their initial script, minus their brand name, then I write a more effective script that focuses purely on the emotional draw of the brand and ask the client which script gets their attention. Yes, it never fails.

Do chain saws have a personality? Of course not, but the brand of chain certainly should. Same with any tangible object. Why? Because every buying decision or tune-in decision is rooted in emotion. Make me feel good about tuning in or making a purchase and I will. The same goes for any service industry. Performing maid service doesn’t have a personality, brand the brand of service should… Same goes for any media brand or platform. Beyond the talent themselves, any media company should have a core personality and your messaging needs to enhance your core brand personality. If not, you’re just another option in your business category.

Don’t waste a great branding opportunity by including mundane or unnecessary verbiage! Clients judge marketing effectiveness by the results it generates. Media companies judge effectiveness from tune-ins impact on ratings. Results come from emotional response from consumers. Don’t waste time on the what, where and how…cut directly to the “Why?” in your messaging/imaging. Consumers are very savvy when it comes to finding you once they’ve made the emotional decision to seek you out. The next time you’re in your car listening to the radio or at home watching tv, pay attention to how much time commercials spend on mundane and irrelevant details. I’ll bet money that over 50% of the script fits that description. That’s why I’m a big believer in shorter, more frequent messaging. It forces us to cut to the chase! Consumers can recall messaging the length of what would fit on a bumper sticker. You’re MUCH  better off repeating that short message in your commercial or imaging piece than squeezing in the what, where and how. Consumers can get that information on your website homepage, right?

Look at each piece of commercial/brand messaging as valuable real estate that contains as much verbiage that fits on a bumper sticker and you’ll have a better sense of value and consumer’s attention span. Consumers can’t act on what they can’t recall. What’s on your brand’s bumper sticker?

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The marketing process…before you spend a dime!

H2 It all begins with the right marketing strategy…

The marketing process begins with developing a strategy. What does the competitive situation look like? Are you playing offense and going after the market leader in your category? Are you playing defense that requires defending your position against new competition? What tactics will you employ to execute your strategy? What does success look like? What timeline are you willing to commit to? Is your marketing budget somewhat fluid depending on the idea, or is it rigid? What do you know about the buying habits of your target consumer group? These are just a few of the many questions that need to thought through and answered BEFORE you even commit resources. But often they are not. Don’t make this mistake!

H2 The right Marketing Consultant can make all the difference…

Ideally you want a Marketing Consultant who can manage and execute the marketing strategy from start to finish, including creative messaging, production, buy placement, metric measurements and strategy. This begins with determining your USP (unique selling proposition), which is your primary point of differentiation. What clearly sets you apart from your competition, and is indisputable? Your USP should be focused on a CREDENTIAL that your business is known for. Credentials are benefits with credibility. “Tastes great, saves money, lighter, faster, cheaper” all may be important to customers, but they aren’t rooted in credibility, thus they are often ignored. The most powerful credential to aim for is category “LEADERSHIP”. Consumers love to follow the leader in any category. If you can drill down and find a benefit your business can be the leader in, you’ve found your credential to build around. Keep in mind, your credentials need to be things that can’t be duplicated or even exceeded by a competitor! Say that phrase to yourself over and over as you determine your primary credential. The right credential also gives your brand validity and staying power.

H2 It’s all about EMOTION!

Without evoking some kind of emotional response from the consumer, your messaging evaporates almost instantly in the consumer’s mind. You need to determine what emotion you’re trying to evoke with your messaging. Humor is always a great emotion to attempt, but it doesn’t always fit the product or service your business offers. Fear, envy, hope, anger, excitement…. are all acceptable emotions to message around. You have to determine which emotional tactic has the best chance to activate your target consumer, and craft your messaging with that emotion through the filter of the consumer’s mind.

H2 Pick the right media platform…

You’ll need to consider which media platform(s) is the best vehicle to distribute your marketing message. There are differences in the way your message is presented on radio or tv, and on social media and other digital platforms. You need to understand what those differences are, and how to maximize them. You need to be prepared to use different approaches to deliver your primary marketing message based on the platform delivering it. The “keep it simple stupid” notion doesn’t apply here. Each media platform has it’s own unique aspects that need to be considered in your media planning. Just make sure your primary marketing message is consistent on all platforms.

H2 Media planning matters more than you might think…

You need to have a marketing strategy in your media planning, and specifics for each platform. There are many occasions when the highest rated station/platform is not the best option for you. Studies have shown that you can attain a solid R.O.I. from a lower rated/ranked station if your messaging is effective. Almost any radio, tv, digital or social media outlet has enough users to deliver at least decent return on investment, if the messaging is truly activating. The key is to look for efficiency in your advertising placement and return. This requires some knowledge of how any particular media outlet’s audience is known to react to certain messaging techniques. There are fundamental reasons how audiences use and engage with media platforms. Always ask for any information your media rep has on audience behavior BEFORE you place your buy!

H2 Your website is your best sales tool!

To have a sound marketing strategy you must have an exceptional website that has maximized it’s functional performance! It’s your first impression. Without a fine tuned website that has lightning fast page speed and exceptional user experience, and is mobile friendly, your consumer marketing success will be diluted more than you can even imagine. Keep in mind, all of your advertising will likely direct consumers to your website. It only takes one bad experience to turn a potential customer away. I work with an incredible company at They are the absolute masters at maximizing website performance, and at unbelievably affordable rates! I’m not a salesperson, but I know an expert website architect and builder is essential to marketing success today. You can’t afford to screw this part up!