Want more customers? Appeal to them emotionally!


“After 20 years of non-stop pain, I finally woke up pain free…!”, “You’ve just added tens of thousands of dollars in your home’s value!….”, “I’ve never looked so good in the mirror!….” Does your advertising have messaging similar to these?
The magic elixir in effective advertising is EMOTION! Consumers make purchasing decisions based on emotional appeal, not factual claims. Make a consumer feel good about taking action and you’ve got a new customer. Does your advertising focus on emotional appeal? Killer Messaging will insure every marketing message you put forth will have that magic elixir.
If your marketing message is all about you and/or your business, you’re wasting valuable marketing resources. Make sure every piece of advertising is focused on the consumer and “what’s in it for the consumer” and the consumer will be much more likely to purchase your product or service.

Let www.killermessaging.com create a sample of how to make your advertising more effective by emailing dan@killermessaging.com or call (480) 322-2187 at no charge to you. Your advertising messaging should be an investment, not an expense! Killer Messaging is an investment in your business!
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Effective commercial checklist

Here’s my “effective commercial checklist”….

– did it get my attention quickly?
-does it appeal to any emotion?
-is it written like consumers speak to each other?
-does it persuade?
-is it focused on 1 primary message?
-does it seem memorable?
-does it have “organic” sharing potential? (remarkable)
-if it promotes a specific event, is the copy as current as possible?
-does it fit the format it’s heard on with both verbage and production values?
-is it easy to understand and recall?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or additions….