Commercials are content too!!

Like it or not, listeners and viewers consider commercials as content they choose to tune in or out to. So why do so many radio stations simply ignore the entertainment value of commercials, or lack thereof, at the local level? Content has to connect to be successful, same with commercials. Commercials make up 12-20 minutes of every hour of programming on average, yet most radio stations these days don’t even have a creative messaging person or team involved in the process. Commercials are simply considered necessary tasks checked off a daily list. Shame on us! I’ve spent 25 years studying the listening habits of radio listeners. Doesn’t seem just a bit odd that one of the primary research questions posed and analyzed in programming research projects is “commercial tuneout”? There are 60 minutes of content in every hour, yet a huge majority of radio station’s programming management only really pay attention to less than 80% of each hour’s content. Imagine how PPM might be impacted if stations actually programmed 60 minutes an hour? Commercial production departments should be under the direction and supervision of programming management, not sales. One of the primary reasons the radio industry still only gets single digit percentages of the overall advertising pie is because we don’t think and consider how listeners react to commercials.  Start treating commercials like programming content and double digits will become a reality.