Make your agency rep look like a hero!

Transactional business can at least occasionally include creative input. Normal thinking leads us to believe that offering creative specs or brainstorming doesn’t make sense with transactional business. Unless the agency provides all the creative, it’s worth the effort to put together creative messaging and offer it up to your agency rep with the intent of making them look like a hero to the client. I’ve seen this work time and time again! In most cases the agency rep will respect the effort, and most of all, the fact that you didn’t go around them directly to the client. Imagine how many more avails, especially in the coming programmatic buying world, you’ll be invited to if you’re perceived as the preferred creative provider! Even 22 year old rookie buyers value the chance to impress the man! Believe it or not, great creative ideas can trump cost per point once in awhile…or at least break any ties. In a ratings environment that only gets more condensed, we need to find effective ways to separate our products from the pack. Everybody loves a hero!!