Effective messaging must be persuasive!

It’s amazing to me to hear so many commercials on the air these days that have absolutely no effort to persuade consumers to act. They spend so much time listing facts about the business like services, address, phone number, sales offers….there’s no time to actually “persuade” the consumer to act. First of all, the only […]

We need to change radio’s perception from expense to investment!

It wasn’t all that long ago that advertising on the radio was a broad goal and even a “status symbol” to many businesses. My how times have changed! But we’re the guilty ones. Since deregulation, the quality of our campaigns has suffered greatly due to several reasons…one being exceptional creative doesn’t matter anymore to most […]

LAZY GRAMMER ruins radio’s primary benefit!

Lazy grammer and lazy work ethic ruin radio’s primary benefit…IMMEDIACY! It’s a cardinal rule that A.M and P.M. don’t belong in radio commercials, or any audio presentation. The key to successful radio copy is to write the way consumers speak. Do you know anyone who ever uses “a.m. or p.m.” in conversation? Consumers say things […]

Creativity with out connection is just white noise…

Some of the greatest special effects based movies have bombed at the box office, we can all name at least one. The reason is they simply didn’t connect to the audience. Messaging is the same. Creativity that doesn’t connect doesn’t work, period. This is why determining the messaging focus needs to be the hub, and […]

Make your agency rep look like a hero!

Transactional business can at least occasionally include creative input. Normal thinking leads us to believe that offering creative specs or brainstorming doesn’t make sense with transactional business. Unless the agency provides all the creative, it’s worth the effort to put together creative messaging and offer it up to your agency rep with the intent of […]

No more “cold calls”

The common interpretation of “cold call” has meant when a seller walks into a business or attempts to reach them on the phone hoping to secure a meeting with the decision maker. There’s no excuse for interrupting a busy business owner, manager…without a tangible value for that business! All it takes is a little time to […]

How about bonusing renewals?

It’s a tired policy that runs industry wide. Bonusing only new business. Beyond the typical hitting budget bonuses, almost all media outlets offer bonus programs for securing new business. That’s fine, except if you subscribe to the 80/20 rule, shouldn’t we be rewarding renewal business more than new business? Most, if not all sellers will […]

Auto dealers need to switch gears…

They’re all the same. Nearly every auto dealer tv commercial shows the owner (who consumers will never see) spewing the same verbage all the other owners on the other auto dealer tv commercials do. Auto dealers need to quit treating consumers like we’re clueless to how their industry operates. Consumers know that they can negotiate […]

Programmatic buying puts more emphasis on creative messaging

The shiny new object in the radio industry for advertising agencies is “programmatic buying” where agencies use targeted lifestyle analytics and algorythms to instantly place schedules on radio stations at efficient rates for available inventory. This strategy eliminates in most cases, the agency rep working up schedules and rate negotiation. This also means there will be more […]