In today’s marketing world, you need a clear strategy to effectively deliver your primary marketing message. You need a “hub” in your overall strategy. That hub is your digital/social/online presence. That begins with your website. It’s where your messaging will spread the fastest. It’s where you’re able to measure results with metrics and analytics. It’s […]

Your messaging/imaging should always enhance your brand personality!

One thing I see Marketing Consultants in Phoenix and around the world miss is the idea that all messaging/imaging should enhance the brand’s core personality. Far too often marketers use valuable ad space to promote details like “family owned and operated”, “in business for over 40 years…”, or slogans like “today’s best variety” and “music […]

The marketing process…before you spend a dime!

H2 It all begins with the right marketing strategy… The marketing process begins with developing a strategy. What does the competitive situation look like? Are you playing offense and going after the market leader in your category? Are you playing defense that requires defending your position against new competition? What tactics will you employ to […]

Commercials are content too!!

Like it or not, listeners and viewers consider commercials as content they choose to tune in or out to. So why do so many radio stations simply ignore the entertainment value of commercials, or lack thereof, at the local level? Content has to connect to be successful, same with commercials. Commercials make up 12-20 minutes of every hour […]

Want more customers? Appeal to them emotionally!

WANT MORE CUSTOMERS? APPEAL TO THEM EMOTIONALLY! “After 20 years of non-stop pain, I finally woke up pain free…!”, “You’ve just added tens of thousands of dollars in your home’s value!….”, “I’ve never looked so good in the mirror!….” Does your advertising have messaging similar to these? The magic elixir in effective advertising is EMOTION! […]

The value of :60 commercials…storytelling!


Though they’ve almost become extinct, 60 second commercials have a very special opportunity that shorter commercials don’t…storytelling. Storytelling is one of the most successful marketing strategies these days. Storytelling requires a setup (tease), a payoff (offer) and a happy ending (how it makes your life simpler). The key is, every phase of the 60 second […]

Radio has created a niche market it should be ashamed of!

I recently spent a considerable amount of time researching advertising agencies to track trends in how they do business in 2016. Out of 37 agency websites in a variety of top 30 markets I examined, only 5 even mentioned radio creative as a service they offer? 5! 21 mentioned TV creative as a service they offer. EVERY […]

My secret weapon for new campaigns…

When developing my “target client” list, I consider what kind of business makes for a good “Series Campaign”. I’ve stated before that I always create a spec spot for any new client before I approach them. Many times I’m able to produce a series of commercials, usually at least 3 separate spots built on a […]


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It’s the messaging. Consider this, even the lowest rated radio station in any market in the top 100 has enough cume for an effective messaging campaign to generate results. We only need to determine the best demographic, geographic and psychographic fit for the business, then negotiate the rate, IF we have the right messaging. You’ve […]

Effective commercial checklist

Here’s my “effective commercial checklist”…. – did it get my attention quickly? -does it appeal to any emotion? -is it written like consumers speak to each other? -does it persuade? -is it focused on 1 primary message? -does it seem memorable? -does it have “organic” sharing potential? (remarkable) -if it promotes a specific event, is […]