In today’s marketing world, you need a clear strategy to effectively deliver your primary marketing message. You need a “hub” in your overall strategy. That hub is your digital/social/online presence. That begins with your website. It’s where your messaging will spread the fastest. It’s where you’re able to measure results with metrics and analytics. It’s where you can get an initial read on your R.O.I. It’s where all your traditional mass marketing will ultimately direct consumers to purchase your product and/or service. You also need to keep consistent, fresh content on your web/digital platform. The key here is to keep the consumer engaged as frequently as possible. Even invite consumer content when possible. If you want consumer engagement, keep your marketing message focused on them. Your website performance and functionality are critical to getting ranking on the web search engines like Google. Things like page speed and “ease of use” have a dramatic effect on visitor experience, which has a dramatic effect on your google ranking. Killer Messaging partners with to make sure our partner’s websites are performing at maximum levels. Ideapro is the absolute BEST in the business and at incredibly efficient rates! The best “looking” website in the world won’t get ranked high on google if it’s functionality isn’t on point. None of the compelling messaging, graphics, video, audio… matters if the functionality isn’t on point.

Speaking of audio/video, Killer Messaging will produce professional audio and video, including interviews for your website. These create a more tangible relationship with consumers, and a unique opportunity to tell the story of your business. Website visitors always give features like this high grades and improve the user experience and engagement. Web content is also an area of expertise for us. We’ll keep your web content fresh AND relevant with extremely affordable maintenance packages to choose from. You can essentially leave your website to Killer Messaging and watch your business grow! There’s a process to successful marketing and it begins with your website. Killer Messaging will make your website pop, perform and engage visitors to insure you get the google ranking you deserve!

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